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A Sheet, An Antenna, The Best Interpretation of The Antenna Man Dongdong

A sheet, an antenna, the best interpretation of the antenna man dong dong  ...

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Anna Brummer, N2FER, Feted on her 105th Birthday

"Keeps you young when everything's going smooth," she told the reporter.  ...

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Retevis RT93 (Mobile Piggyback) Digital Private Network Base Station

Retevis RT93 (mobile piggyback) digital private network base station is coming. It is very convennient for you to use it when you are outdoors. Now let's take a look.  ...

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How to Achieve DMR Radio Private Call?

We know that DMR radios can achieve all call, group call and private call. How to achieve private call. There are several different methods. Here we can take the Ailunce HD1 as an example.  ...

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What's the Special Features of Retevis Mini Mobile transceiver RT98

Retevis RT98 is the Mini mobile car radio, it is the analog model with 199 channels, lots of functions can be edited by manually. It is an affordable mobile radio, only USD69 you will get it.  ...

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How Can I Use a Mobile Antenna on Ailunce HD1

Ailunce HD1 is a handheld radio. Sometime we may use it in the car, can it use a mobile antenna and what's antenna we can use?  ...

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TX7T Hiva Oa Island Marquesas Islands

Members of the CAN-AM DXpedition Group will be operating as TX7T from the island of Hiva Oa in the Marquesas Islands for 10-12 days between November 6-17, 2019. The Marquesas Islands rank #60 on Club Log DXCC “most wanted” list.  ...

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Zhengzhou Radio Administration successfully completed the radio security support mission

Zhengzhou Radio Administration successfully completed the radio security support mission of the 11th National Minority Traditional Sports Games.  ...

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What software do you need for Ailunce HD1?

For new user of Ailunce HD1, What software do you need for your HD1? where to download? How to operate them? The blog will show all detail to you.  ...

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What is different between simplex,full duplex and half duplex

What is the difference between the walkie-talkie simplex, duplex, and half-duplex modes?  ...

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