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How to send DMR SMS Text Messages on RetevisRT73

How to send DMR SMS Text Messages on RetevisRT73

Today I will take RetevisRT73 and AilunceHD1 as example to see how to send DMR SMS Text Message on RetevisRT73.

Firstly, we should make sure RetevisRT73 can communicate with AilunceHD1 and they two radios are in a same group. and know each other's DMR ID. 

1. How to send SMS text message on RT73?

Go to "Message" menu, createMsg, type the text what you want to send. now here you need to use the handspeaker to type the message. It supports 150 characters.

On the microphone, switch the space key, captical and lower-case letters, numbers, punctuations as below picture show. 

Short press number1 key to switch punctuations, Long press Down key is the Space Key, Long press the Up key to switch between capatical and lowercase letters, numbers,PinYin; “BE" back key is delete key.

You also can program the quick Msg in the software. 

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