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Codeplug Editor for Retevis RT73

Codeplug Editor for Retevis RT73

David Bell who create a codeplug editor for Retevis RT73, it is also beta version. If you have one RT73, you can have a try this codeplug editor.  from above picture, you can see it have all the menus same with the RT73 original software, only different structure.  for use this editor, because they are have the different format, you need to download your original codeplug from your RT73, and then edit the settings. 

on this CPS editor, David add the APRS icon picker. For the APRS Icon, shown next to the Row Column text boxes, if you click on that image it will bring up a dialog box with APRS icons that you can click to choose.
Also whenever you type a valid set into the two text boxes it will automatically show the correct icon.. e.g / and > is the little red car icon. This is a very good improvement than the original software. 

In the current version, it is possible to rename contacts, rx groups, scan lists and zones. This is done by double click on the name and type the new name.  Currently it is only possible to export to CSV and then import again once edited. but Soon David will add support to edit/add/remove contacts and channels, zones.
When you open the CPS, the main page will have the reminder window updating firmware using this tool is done at your own risk, please we suggest to update the firmware use the original software. 
By the way, the DMR contacts are growing at a quick rate to 200,000. So we increase the capacity on RT73 to support 300,000 DMR contacts. if you need this, you can go to download the latest RT73 firmware. https://www.ailunce.com/Support/RT73/Software

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