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Ailunce HD1 Dual Band DMR Amateur Radio

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un hermoso y genial equipo

me encanto el equipo de radio, muy robusto, firme, programacion frontal por teclado, buena duracion de bateria, seria genial tener una actualización de software y firmware en español, aun no entiendo el modo promiscuo pero ya lo comprenderé, muy conforme con el producto, saludos cordiales, Benjamin.

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Great radio

Great radio! Dual band is great and sound is amazing!

Great Radio

This is a solid radio. The sound quality is good. Programming is made easier by provided software from the website. Can be programmed from the keypad but it is time consuming. I enjoy listening to FM broadcasts and this unit brings in the signal with no problem. Programming code plugs for digital repeaters can be a bit confusing but there is a lot of information on the web to help.

Great professional radio for DMR ham radio operators.

Great DMR radio for ham radio. It has a professional build that you would expect on high end professional radios. The brightly lit screen is filled with color. The software is always updated. The battery life is also very good. Retevis has provided awesome customer service. They are also always working on improving the radio. The ability to program the radio from the front panel is definitely a plus. I hope to see in a software update the ability for the scan to be faster as well as promiscuous mode to have the ability to scan with multiple functions at one time to pick up all DMR signals. All and all it is a great radio for DMR and analog needs. I am a student and use this radio on weekends for social reasons. In the summer I work outside. Having an extra set of communication helps with safety, as well as constant updates of information which really allows me to work confidently in the great outdoors.

Great DMR radio with excellent support from Retevis

This is an excellent radio for both DMR and analog. The build quality is very good. The audio is excellent. It works flawlessly with my hotspot. I love the fact I can upload 100,000 contacts with the stock firmware. Other reviewers go into more detail on why this particular DMR radio is so good so I won't repeat their comments. I would like to point out that Retevis provides excellent support which also deserves five starts. I had a problem transferring radio setting from my PC to the Ailunce HD1. It was very frustrating. I contacted their support department and got a reply within a few hours. They tracked my issue in their system and provided a solution that completely solved the problem. I am very happy with the radio and the excellent support. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.

Great Ham Radio!

I bought two of these to use to scan my local law enforcement frequencies and also use as a communication method with other people like my employees as I do hold an Industrial Business Pool license to operate these in the business band and the fact that these are also FCC certified for that given that you set it up correctly. The sound is quite clear also it could be better like the higher end Motorolas or Kenwoods. Range is great given that you are using the correct band. Works with repeaters also. I chose this instead of the higher end Motorolas or Kenwoods because of the fact that these are dual band (UHF/VHF) which I hate about the higher end ones only being one band. I'm licensed for frequencies in both bands which would mean that I'd have to carry two separate radios or have to switch between the two in order to use both bands. Being able to use both bands is essential for me as we operate around buildings and in cities as well as straight line of sight on highways and whatnot. If you know how the radio spectrum works, that should be understandable. To sum it up through, great radio, no complaints!

Best DMR Ham Radio

The hardware alone would make this a 5 star product. Has more capabilities than others in it's field. I can't wait for the software to mature. The CPS is not intuitive and it's hard to find good instructions on how to get a good code plug made. There is a lot of support on their Facebook page from other users as we as You Tube videos. Sturdy construction and battery life are some of it's good qualities. I would recommend this radio.

XLNT tech support. To hear analog transmissions using the HD-1, use a custom setting

I bought the Ailunce HD-1 at the end of June with the intention of using it as my primary H/T radio for both DMR and FM. Configuring the HD-1 code plug with the proper DMR settings took some time. Fortunately, there are lots of helpful websites and YouTube videos that explain the unique terms used for DMR communication such as the Talk Groups and Color Codes. To date, I have made three contacts on DMR and plan to expand my activity in this area. On the other hand, I was frustrated for many weeks in being unable to hear live transmissions that were being routed through local FM repeaters. I could not figure out why this was happening, as I had entered the same PL (CTCSS) codes that worked fine in my other H/T radio that only does FM. I originally thought my HD-1 had a defective speaker, so I was able to connect with Angele, Retevis' Support Representative for Amazon, who graciously arranged to exchange my original radio with a new replacement. At first, the replacement radio didn't fare any differently than the original one I bought from Amazon. Angela provided me with early access to a firmware update that had not yet been released on its website. Installing the new firmware didn't provide audio reception functionality, either. Finally, I was asked to email a copy of my code plug so that it could be analyzed by Retevis' engineering staff. That proved to the game changer. Angela emailed the engineer's suggestion that I disable the CTCSS receive (RX) and transmit (TX) codes for all of my FM channels. I changed only the RX settings on my HD-1 to None and was happily rewarded when I could hear a live transmission on one of the FM repeaters that I listen to from time-to-time. I didn't take the engineer's advice to change the TX settings to None because I access a simulcast system that transmits on one FM frequency to three repeaters in separate locations that differ by their assigned CTCSS code. As other reviewers have mentioned, it can difficult to view the HD-1 screen while outdoors, but that's not a game-changer. What is more of a concern are the potential health risks of transmitting for extended periods at full power (10 watts) while communicating over VHF. In any event, I am extremely grateful to Angela and her colleagues at Retevis for their extraordinary efforts in resolving this perplexing problem. I suppose if I were a Facebook member, I could have received the solution quickly by posting my HD-1 reception problem on the Retevis support page. Not being on Facebook, however, I was left with corresponding back and forth with Angela who is based in China.

The Radio You Always Wanted - It Has Arrived

Let me preface this initial review by saying I have owned the HD1 for only a few weeks, but I feel I have learned enough about it to give an honest opinion. I must also note that Retevis Customer Service (Angela) has been second to none since my purchase. I did have some issues with the software, but her assistance, along with some trial and error attempts, and watching a number of YouTube videos re front panel and software programming, have now allowed full enjoyment of the transceiver to this point. Right out of the box, the build quality of the HD1 will immediately impress you. I have been using Motorola radios for forty years and have been waiting for a Ham friendly high build quality non Motorola radio for many years. It has finally arrived. The sound quality at high volume won’t disappoint you. Battery life has been extraordinary. Although, so far, my use has been mostly receive only, the battery goes for days before needing a charge. The backlight has an ‘always on’ setting that has very little impact on battery drain from my experience. I did have some frustration when I first tried to program the radio via the software. DON’T give up. Update the firmware. Make sure you install the proper drivers for your Windows OS. Clear out of DFU mode, start the programming software, turn the radio on, make sure the proper COM port is selected and everything should go smoothly. My first week with the radio was aggravating, but no longer. A programming CD along with the cable would be a great assist. I have been using the radio to monitor Public Safety frequencies in my area, and have noticed what I call ‘Geiger counter’ sounds coming in over my local UHF police and fire frequencies. The noise is not present while using my Yaesu FT-50. This could be a Superhet vs. Direct Conversion characteristic? I have been trying to research this issue, and I should advise that I have been using the Diamond SRH805S stubby on all my radios for the most part for the last few weeks. My experience with on the go front panel programming has been a breeze. Menu driven operation of the radio is easy once you get the hang of it. This is a radio you will want with you wherever you go, along with the ‘Repeater Book’ app, and a good listing of your state Police and Fire frequencies. I haven’t used the radio enough to give it a full review, but so far I have not found any issues that give me buyer’s remorse. DMR is new to me, and I haven’t tested that aspect of the radio yet. I am completely satisfied with my purchase and would like to thank Retevis Customer Service for their commitment to customers. Firmware and software is constantly updated and improved. Thank You!

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