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Raspberry Pi MMDVM Duplex Hotspot Acrylic "L" Case 3.2'' Nextion Display

This MMDVM Hotspot for Raspberry Pi 3B and 3B+ provides a multimode digital access point: D-Star, DMR, C4FM, P25, POCSAG and NXDN.

SKU:  L Case 3.2'' display
Condition:  New
Price:  $165.99


MMDVM Duplex hotspot for Amateurs (License request,callsign, DMR ID)

Double timeslot in DMR mode, act as a mini Digital voice repeater.
Support VHF/UFH, frequency range: 144MHz-148MHz, 420MHz-475MHz,842MHz-950MHz (depend on ADF7021 and TCXO, HAT's Firmware Amateur radio brand license limit)
High-quality ECS TCXO, stable with low BER.
Support Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+, Pi ZERO, Compatible with NanoPi NEO, Orange Pi, Compatible to BlueDV(Required to add USBtoTTL or Bluetooth model) 

Duplex Model_A1 : Acrylic _L case hotspot with 3.2'' Screen(4.3'' Screen optional )


1x Duplex hotspot board with ANTs 
1x Acrylic "L" Case for Nextion 3.2' 
1x Acrylic Protect Shield board for MMDVM HAT

1x SanDisk or TOSHIBA TFCard 16G or 8G, Class10+
1x Nextion 3.2' ,NX4024T032    (Optional 4.3'' Nextion Screen)
1x Raspberry Pi 3B+   

1x USB Power supply wire
1x full set of component:     
 1x Heat sink 

copper pillars 
    4x M2.5x5+5,  
    4x M2.5x11+6, 
    4x M2.5x15+6
    4x M3x5, 
    4x M4x5, 
    4x M2.5x8 (for ALC_SPOT32)
    4x M2.5
    4x Pads ,
    1x fan

Be sure to use a qualified power supply 5V2A, non-conforming power will lead to bit error rate(BER) instability, Overvoltage will burn this NanoPi and HAT!  (package not including charger adapter)