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Ailunce HA1G IP67 Waterproof GMRS Radio

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*GMRS two way radio can be connected with RT97-RT97S
*IP67 waterproof and dustproof
*NOAA weather warning
*2800mAh large capacity battery
*Support TYPE-C charging

Retevis Ailunce HA1G IP67 Waterproof 220 Customizable Channels GMRS Two-Way Radio with NOAA

Retevis Ailunce HA1G is a rugged and long-range IP67 Waterproof GMRS two-way radio that offers an array of features designed for outdoor enthusiasts, ham radio operators, preppers, etc.

Hot feature:

30 GMRS pre-programmed channels and 220 customizable channels.

Dual-band VHF/UHF receiving and NOAA weather alerts.

Type-C charging

2800mAh large-capacity battery enables long standby time.

IP67 Waterproof

HA1G IP67 waterproof ham radio can be used normally in wet and dust environments. It supports submerging in 1 meter deep of water for 30 minutes, and you won’t worry about falling into the water. Just choose HA1G at a better quality when hiking, camping, kayaking, boating, etc.

USB-C Charging

Comes with a standard type-C charging port and a USB charging base, so it is convenient for you to use a power bank or charge the radio or the battery directly in the car.

2800mAh Rechargeable Battery

With a built-in 2800mAh large battery, the HA1G handheld amateur radio effectively supports all-day outdoor activities without frequent charging, using more conveniently.

1.77 Inch Colorful Screen

HA1G GMRS handheld two-way radio features a 1.77-inch colorful screen, which provides convenience for checking the current working channel and battery condition during outdoor activities.

Dual Standby

HA1G GMRS portable radio can effectively stand by on two channels at the same time, so you will not miss important information.

30 GMRS + 220 Customizable Channels

HA1G GMRS radio includes 30 GMRS channels and 220 programmable channels, allowing you to program multiple repeater channels for ease of use and extended range.

Sub PTT Key

Instead of switching the main and sub-frequency to transmit, the sub-PTT key facilitates the convenience of main and sub-frequency transmission without complex settings.

NOAA Weather Alert

12 NOAA weather channels offer the latest weather information to you, thus you can adjust your outdoor plan in time according to the actual situations.

FM Radio

HA1G GMRS radio is featured with FM radio, which offers various entertainments to make you relaxed in your free time, such as music, novels, etc. Long press the UP or DOWN key to scan FM frequencies to choose the channel you want.

Key Lock Function

The Keypad lock function includes auto and manual lock modes. It is flexible to lock keypads, channel knobs or side keys, or all of them.

VFO Mode

VFO mode allows you to manually enter or edit frequency, CTCSS/DCS, and specifications instead of using a computer, making it more convenient to use.


GMRS radio features standard and non-standard CTCSS/DCS codes, which makes it convenient to communicate. And set the CTCSS/DCS codes to effectively block the unwanted signals/conversations.

Emergency Alarm

Alarm modes include emergency alarm, emergency call, and alarm call. Various alarm modes ensure your security during outdoor activities.


Adjacent Channel Power:

Wide band:≤-65dBc;


CTCSS/CDCSS Modulation

Wide band:0.75KHz±0.1KHz ;Narrowband:0.4KHz±0.1KHz

Audio Distortion


Modulation Sensitivity


Maximum Frequency Deviation

Wide band:≤5KHz ;


Spurious Power


Modulation Mode

Wide band:16KφF3E ;


Transmit Current


Pre-emphasis Character

6dB/every time the frequency will increase



Wide band:-123dBm;


Voice Output Power


Audio Distortion




Inter modulation

Wideband: ≥65dBc ;

 Narrowband: ≥60dBc

Adjacent Channel Selection:

Wideband: ≥65dBc ;

 Narrowband: ≥60dBc

Spurious Power


Spurious Rejection


Receiving Current


  • IP67 Waterproof
  • 2800mAh Long Standby Battery
  • Support Type-C Charging 
    30 GMRS Channels, 220 Customizable Channels
  • 136-174 MHz/400-480 MHz Receiving
  • 1.77 Color Backlight LCD Dual Display 
  • NOAA Weather Alerts
  • Standard CTCSS/DCS Tones
  • Support Splitting CTCSS/DCS Tone
  • Selectable High/Low TX Power
  • Channel Scan/Priority Scan
  • Selectable Wide/Narrow Bandwidth
  • Backlight Keypad
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Low Battery Alert
  • FM Radio
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