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Ailunce AY04 High Gain Yagi 144&430 MHz Directional Antenna

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VHF(3 Elements),

UHF(5 Elements)

Brand: Ailunce

Model: AY04

Frequency: UHF&VHF

Length: 92.5cm/36.4inch


    ▶ VHF(3Elements), UHF(5Elements)
    ▶ High Gain Strong directionality
    ▶ Strong anti-jamming
    ▶ Realize long distance communication
    ▶ Simple construction and easy assembly and disassembly
    ▶ Lightweight and sturdy, easy to set up
    ▶ High-cost performance

Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range

144 & 430 MHz






9.5 dBi / 11.5 dBi

Horizontal Beam Width

53°/ 45°

Vertical Beam Width

48°/ 40°


Horizontal or Vertical

Front To Back Ratio

>12 dB

Maximum Power Input-watts


Lighting Protection

Direct Ground



Mechanical Specifications


925×1045×60 mm

Mounting hardware

Ø30-Ø60 mm

Rated Wind Velocity

60 m/s



AY04 Yagi Antenna

 AY04 Yagi Antenna

AY04 Yagi Antenna

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Excellent for Amateur Radio use

I am probably one of the first people to purchase this antenna. First, very easy to put together; screws are a bit of challenge - there are 2 types; the larger ones are for the boom and center holding the elements. They tend to strip - recommend try to get the hole 0.2mm larger. The second set of screws are specifically for 2m ele extensions; they are mild steel and prone to rust; best to replace with aluminium screws which i did. Matching is pre-tuned; even though this was a negative; i found the swr is well across entire spectrum for 145/440; on 2m - SWR was 1.3:1 and 440; it was 1:1. Really good. Nevertheless, a flexible matching stub will be a welcome modification. I mounted it at 10m height and feeding with rg-58. Excellent. I am able to hit repeaters and hold over 100km away. I am also using Retevis RT-95 dual bander with this antenna. Recommend it if you are intending to use it for a base station or extend it for satellite use.

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