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Category Archives :Radio Function

How to Add a New Analog Channel without Computer on Ailunce HD1?

We know the Ailunce HD1 is a FPP amateur radio. It is dual band DMR radio. When we outside, there is no computer at hand. How to Add a New Analog Channel without Computer on Ailunce HD1?  ...

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How to set scan on Retevis RT82

Have you used the scan function on the Retevis RT82? Do you know how to set the scan list? Let's study together.  ...

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How to Use the Radio SQL Function?

The background noise is a big difference between the walkie-talkie and the mobile phone. Under normal circumstances, the mobile phone basically has no background noise (regardless of the communication distance), but in the wireless communication of the walkie-talkie, the background noise is inevitable.  ...

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Ailunce HD1: How to add a new channel without computer?

Is there a radio support FPP on the market? Of course, A good product is to meet the needs of customers. Ailunce HD1 support program without computer.  ...

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What's Single Frequency Repeater function

Do you know the single frequency repeater function? Do you need it? Come on, tell us why you need it, let us know your opinion.  ...

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What is different between simplex,full duplex and half duplex

What is the difference between the walkie-talkie simplex, duplex, and half-duplex modes?  ...

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How does cross band repeater function works?

cross-band repeater funaction is a common use for amateur operators.  ...

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What's the Meaning of Tx Mode on RT90 RT82 RT3S Software

RT82 RT3S transmit mode, allow you to press PTT to transmit last received channel or main channel. setting it on the CPS or via radio keypad.  ...

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What's the Meaning of Public Zone on RT90 RT82 RT3S Software

When we uncheck the Public Zone, You radio will support to set band A/B zone separately. When you check the Public zone, it won't support.  ...

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How to import Digital Contacts into RT3S

When we are standing by one a band, and hear a voice. We want to know who is on the other side of the radio. which country, states, citry, or his callsign,name etc. To meet hams need, more and more dmr radio in the market support to save lots of contacts. When there is a call, the radio can show the caller's information. So we can know the caller clearly when we receive the signal.  ...

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