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Learn Walkie Talkie VOX Function

Learn Walkie Talkie VOX Function

VOX is a common function in walkie-talkies, you can see it in many walkie-talkies. So what is the VOX function, and how does this function work?

The VOX voice control function means that you do not need to press the PTT button when transmitting. When this function is activated, you can directly start the transmitting operation by voice, and automatically stop transmitting after the voice stops. In fact, many walkie-talkies have a push-to-talk button, or PTT button. When we press this button, we can transmit. However, as for the two-way radio with VOX function, we can transmit without pressing PTT.

If your voice communication system has VOX activated, this means that when you start speaking, your radio transmitter system will automatically turn on, and it will turn off when there is no sound. On a walkie-talkie, this feature allows you to launch a call without having to press PTT.

Voice activated


VOX is a voice activation, but it's not just voice activation. This means that if you use and turn on VOX in an environment with a lot of background noise, it may collect and emit surrounding background sounds, and keep the radio in continuous transmission.


Most manufacturers' machines are equipped with VOX switches. We can turn VOX on and off according to the surrounding environment, that is, switch VOX transmission or press PTT transmission. To avoid unnecessary emissions, manufacturers will use sensitivity to assist voice activation. We can set the sensitivity level. Only when the decibel of the sound reaches this value can the radio's transmission be activated.


Voice delay


VOX's circuit settings also include a delay time that prevents the circuit from shutting down when the sound stops briefly. This ensures that during the call, due to the small intervals between our speaking, pauses in sentences, etc., the circuit is closed and some voice messages are missed.

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