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Why is talker Alias needed

Why is talker Alias needed

When using D-star and Fusion to transmit voice information, you can directly transmit callsign and other information at the same time; but when using the DMR walkie-talkie normally to transmit voice messages, you only can transmit the DMR ID at the same time without callsign; of course, if it is convenient, you can also download the latest contacts database via the computer in the software, so that when the others call you, the walkie-talkie can extract the contact information that it has imported according to the DMR ID, but it is also an inevitable problem that it cannot be displayed due to data update. The Talker Alias feature is designed to eliminate the need for DMR radio storage to constantly update the user database.

Talker Alias is a type of in-band Messages transmission for voice calls on DMR radios. It is a single-packet or multi-packet in-band data service that can provide the receiving radio with alias information for sending MS during a voice call. That is when the walkie-talkie transmits voice, and the name of the walkie-talkie is sent along with the voice signal. If the other party's walkie-talkie has the decoding function turned on, the other party's walkie-talkie can display the caller's name.

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