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Why do hams like the DRM

Why do hams like the DRM

Recently we received the suggestion of walkie-talkie capabilities from Phil: the ability for the reception of DRM, (Digital Radio Mondiale.), would be well received. So why do hams love DRM? DRM is a digital commercial broadcasting model that provides FM-equivalent sound quality to shortwave broadcasts.

DRM broadcasting systems are specifically designed to allow new digital transmissions to coexist with current analog broadcasting, and a great deal of work has been done to quantify the operational parameters that ensure mutual analog and digital compatibility. As a result, the switch from analogue to digital broadcasting can be phased in over a period of time, which in turn allows existing broadcasters to spread the investment required to meet any budget constraints. Also, unlike some other digital systems, the design of the DRM system allows for the modification of suitable analog transmitters for easy switching between digital and analog broadcasting. This can significantly reduce the initial investment cost for broadcasters. An additional budget benefit is lower transmission energy costs.

DRM is a digital replacement for AM shortwave radio. DRM takes advantage of the unique propagation properties of the AM band. The introduction of DRM30 services enables broadcasters to offer listeners significantly improved audio quality and service reliability. As a result, international broadcasters can offer SW and MW services comparable to local FM services, while enhancing the listener experience with easier tuning and additional data services. National and local LF and MF broadcasters will receive similar benefits. In the VHF band, DRM+ can be configured to use less spectrum than current stereo FM broadcasts, while also having the potential benefits of increased robustness, reduced transmission power, increased coverage or additional services.

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