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Why do you choose an analog walkie-talkie

Why do you choose an analog walkie-talkie

The FCC created the analog Private Mobile Radio (SMR) standard in the late 1970s and allowed two-way communication in certain frequency bands for commercial and commercial systems. Analog two-way radios have been the standard for decades since then, and have ushered in the zenith of their development. So why do people choose analog walkie-talkies?

1. Cheap price

Analog walkie-talkies communicate voice signals in the form of continuous waves through sinusoidal waveforms and are ready to use with only a few techniques for frequency modulation. And after decades of development, analog technology has become very mature and is much cheaper than digital radios.

2. Simple to set up and easy to use

Compared with digital radios, analog walkie-talkies can only handle one conversation at a time on each channel, so there is no need to set complex parameters such as color code, time slot, etc. The setting is simple and easy to use, not only for professionals, amateurs, and even some Ordinary business users who choose them too.

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