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Why do you need a DMR walkie-talkie?

Why do you need a DMR walkie-talkie?

Although analog walkie-talkies have become the norm over the decades, and in some cases, analog technology is indeed a very useful communication technology, DMR radios also offer many advantages over analog walkie-talkies.

1. Digital and analog compatible

The DMR radio is compatible with the functions of the analog radio. After purchasing a DMR radio, you can choose to use the DMR mode or the analog mode.

2. Increase channel capacity

Each DMR channel can use two slots, including 1 and 2 at 12.5KHZ bandwidth, which means that compared to an analog channel, you have two slots for communication instead of one.

3. Communication distance is longer

An analog radio and a DMR radio with the same transmit power will transmit over the same distance, but the DMR radio will remain loud and clear until the end of the coverage area, and the analog radio will fade away at the end of the coverage area.

4. Clearer sound

The DMR radio features real-time audio processing that focuses on speech and reduces any background noise, and also allows the receiving radio to automatically correct any errors in the received signal to maintain audio quality at the extremes of radio coverage. This means that the received audio quality is improved compared to analog radio systems.

5. secure communication

One of the most important advantages of DMR radios is security. For DMR radios, digital encryption, such as AES256, can be used without degrading the audio quality or the radio's operating range.

6. GPS and other advanced features

Other features supported by DMR radio technology include GPS tracking, SMS and data services, private calling, group calling, and security features.

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