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What is the Dual Capacity Direct Mode (DCDM)

 Jan 23,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Radio Function

Dual Capacity Direct Mode also is known as 6.25 kHz Equivalence Direct Mode (6.25e DM) – provides additional spectral efficiency by supporting up to two simultaneous Direct Radio-to-Radio Mode subscriber calls within a 12,5kHz allocation of spectrum.  ...


Ailunce Website HD1 Super Sale! Half Price

 Jan 18,2019   aliunce   1 Comments   Ailunce News

Ailunce Website HD1 Super Sale! Half Price.  ...


Ailunce Website Super Sale is coming

 Jan 17,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Ailunce News

Ailunce website Super Sale! Super Sale!! Super Sale!!! Flash sale, from 19.1.2019 to 20.1.2019. This weekend only.  ...


Retevis IP67 Dual Band RT87 Amateur Radio

 Jan 17,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Product Introduction

Retevis RT87 is a dual band analog radio. It is Real IP67 Dustproof and Waterproof Two Way Radio. No worries about the wet environment, RT87 will keep connecting with your friend. It is a good choice for you, no matter work or as a hobby.  ...


Retevis RT91 DMR/Analog Power Amplifier

 Jan 15,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Product Introduction

Retevis RT91 Amplifier DMR UHF/VHF Digital/Analog Two Way Radio. Portable and lightweight for convenient use. High output power up to 30W.  ...


RT84 Dual Band DMR Digital/Analog walkie talkie

 Jan 11,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Product Introduction

Retevis RT84 is a dual-band DMR radio. It supports VFO mode. RT84 has lots of functions to meet most customers' need. The most important point, RT84 is a very high cost-effective radio. The official price is only $86.99.  ...


Ailunce HD1 IP67 Original Speaker Mic H103M

 Jan 11,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Product Introduction

Ailunce HD1 original speaker mic. IP67 and IP55. High quality louder speaker and microphone units provide clear audio communication. Ergonomics design, feel more comfortable. Sturdy plastic 360 rotating clip.  ...


2019 CQ World Wide 160-Meter Contest CW

 Jan 10,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Amateur Radio News

2019 CQ World Wide 160-Meter Contest will begin from Jan 24 until Jan 30.  ...


Retevis RT52 Dual Band Dual PTT GPS DMR Radio

 Jan 09,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Product Introduction

Retevis RT52, Dual PTT can control two channels in A/B band at the same time, which avoid trouble to switch two channels. Dual band dual display dual PTT receive two channels, improve communication efficiently.  ...


Ailunce HD1 Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF)

 Jan 07,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   User Tutorial

Press PTT and then dial your DTMF number. 0~9 -> DTMF dial number 0~9. Menu -> A Up -> B Down -> C Exit -> D * -> E # -> F  ...