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The Basic Information of Yagi Antenna

 Mar 20,2019   Aliunce   0 Comments   Radio knowledge

As an electromagnetic transducer element, the position of the antenna in the entire radio communication system is very important. The quality directly affects the distance and effect of the transmission and reception. In other words, there is no radio communication without the antenna.  ...


Radio Antenna Erection and Standing Wave Ratio

 Mar 19,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Radio knowledge

We know the VSWR of the antenna system is close to 1:1. If it is close to 1:1, it is good. I often hear this question: But what if I can't reach 1? If the standing wave ratio is as small as a few, is the antenna qualified?  ...


The Historical Origin of NATO Phonetic Alphabet

 Mar 18,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Radio knowledge

Alphabet interpretation is widely used in amateur radio communication. Due to the low output power of amateur stations and the complicated factors of radio wave propagation, the distortion or fading of the received speech signal is serious, which affects the analysis and identification of information.  ...


Interference Issues with Amateur Radio Frequencies

 Mar 18,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Radio knowledge

In fact, the essence of wireless interference is electromagnetic interference. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, it is necessary to understand and analyze electromagnetic interference in order to find protective measures and effective methods for achieving electromagnetic compatibility.  ...


Dynamic talkgroup and Static Talkgroup on Brandmeister

 Mar 07,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   User Tutorial

Manage Dynamic talkgroup and Static Talkgroup on Brandmeister.  ...


Ailunce HS1 SSB HF SDR HAM Transceiver

 Mar 07,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Product Introduction

Ailunce HS1 SSB HF SDR HAM Transceiver  ...



 Mar 06,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   User Tutorial

Upgrade my MMDVM duplex hotspot to support VHF/UHF now. Assemble them together again.  ...


APRS SSID Standard Applications

 Feb 27,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   User Tutorial

SSID of the APRS protocol specification  ...


2019 Novice Rig Roundup (NRR)

 Feb 27,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Amateur Radio News

The 2019 NRR will be held 0000 UTC March 2 to 2359 UTC March 10. Registration for the 2019 NRR is NOW OPEN!  ...