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How to import digital contacts into Ailunce HD1

 Apr 28,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   User Tutorial

As the number of DMR registered contacts grows. 100,000 is not enough. Ailunce HD1 have released the new firmware v1.58 and software v2.17. It can support up to 200,000 contacts.  ...


Text messaging on two way radios

 Apr 28,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Radio knowledge

One of the most useful features of modern digital two way radios is text messaging. This capability allows users to send texts via keypads on their radios and read them on their LCD displays  ...


MMDVM/Pi-star Simplex Hotspot and Ailunce HD1

 Apr 26,2019   Aliunce   0 Comments   Product Introduction

How to set up MMDVM/pi-star Simplex Hotspot and Ailunce HD1  ...


How to program HD1 Channels with Different IDs

 Apr 26,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   User Tutorial

How to program HD1 Channels with Different IDs. Does it support different channels with different IDs in one radio.  ...


Explanation of Walkie-Talkie Function Terms

 Apr 24,2019   Aliunce   0 Comments   Radio Function

Explanation of Walkie-Talkie Some Function Terms.  ...


Where Can I Download the DMR Contacts?

 Apr 23,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   User Tutorial

Where can I download the DMR digital contacts? You can download from Ailunce website. https://www.ailunce.com/ResourceCenter  ...


Take You Know Ailunce HS1 HF Transceiver

 Apr 22,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Product Introduction

Ailunce HS1 is HF SDR transceiver. Spectrum Dynamic Waterfall Display Multiple Working Modes:Receive Mode, Transmit Mode, TUNE Mode, VFO Mode, SPLIT Mode DSP Digital Signal Processing Noise Reduction  ...


Ailunce HD1 Contact Manager

 Apr 17,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Product Introduction

Ailunce HD1 Contact Mangaer is simple program for maintaining DMR contact list. Written by Marko, S56FGS. Very appreciate to him.  ...


The Meaning of The Amateur Radio Callsign

 Apr 15,2019   aliunce   0 Comments   Radio knowledge

Every HAM with a radio license has a callsign. The callsign is the code name of the HAM, it is used to identify a person (HAM).  ...