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How to set DTMF of Retevis RT95

There are two ways to set DTMF of Retevis RT95, including set in the software or on the radio.  ...

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Two Way Radio Channel Busy Lock Function

Channel Busy Lock is a privacy feature that keeps communication lines open by preventing radios from listening or transmitting through conversations outside their talkgroup. Whenever the radio is not allowed to talk, you will hear a busy tone if you try to transmit.  ...

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Tips for Two Way Radio Charging

Try to recharge the battery after each charge. Use, this is more conducive to protect the health of the battery.  ...

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Wanna to know What he Think about Retevis GMRS Radios?

I would recommend we discontinue using the Midland GXT1000s handhelds for Block Captains in favor of the Retevis RT76 radios.   ...

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What kind of microphone is suitable for the mobile radio

Some customers think that the current standard configuration is full-button microphones, and should be equipped with non-button microphones, but other customers feedback that they need more functions for their mic of mobie radio, such as adding side buttons, so that customers can customize the function of the side buttons like a handheld station.  ...

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Why do hams like the DRM

DRM is a digital commercial broadcasting model that provides FM-equivalent sound quality to shortwave broadcasts.  ...

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How to set the TX Mode of Retevis RT3S

The transmission channel of RT3S can be set to four modes: Last Call CH, Last Call CH + HandCH, Designed CH, and Designed CH + HandCH.  ...

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How to do when prompt virus arises downloading HD1 software

some customers have feedback that when downloading the firmware of HD1, the pop-up window indicated that there was a virus, but don't worry, the software of Ailunce is 100% safe, and this problem only occurs because of the digital signing issues. We just need to follow the steps below to solve this problem.  ...

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Why does amateur radio not support CB band

Why does amateur radio not support the CB band?  ...

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