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Why can't you connect to the repeater?

Why can't you connect to the repeater?

Although we have known how to program our radio, sometimes we still encounter errors. Do you know why can't you connect to the repeater? 

1. Out of the range of the repeater

Many customers say their repeater settings are all OK. but when they try to make QSO, the display will show a "repeater fail" error. For our Ailunce HD1, you can try to check the "repeater talk around" item. If the radio can transmit and receive normally. we can know the radio can work in simplex mode directly but can't work in repeater mode. It may be your radio is out of the range of the repeater.

Of course, you can make QSO with your other radios or friend near you to confirm if it works normally in simplex mode.

2. Make sure the repeater is on work

Sometimes the repeater is off work because of malfunctions or maintenance. so if you suddenly can’t connect to the repeater that you could connect to before, please check the signal of your radio at first. If it's normal, you can try to contact your friends who are near you to check if they can connect to the repeater. Or, you can contact the manager of the repeater.

3. Make sure if need special settings or authority to connect the repeater.

FM repeater

Normally we only need to set the Tx&RX frequency and CTCSS/DCS, but there are some special requests according to the manager of the repeater. such as Tone burst enabled, and so on.

DMR repeater

For some DMR repeater, you not only need to set the right Tx&RX frequency, color code, and slot but also have to use the DMR ID that the manager of the repeater assigns to you. 

So when you want to connect to a new repeater and can't connect directly,  please try to contact the manager.

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