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14 Things You Need to Know About RetevisRT73

14 Things You Need to Know About RetevisRT73

After half a year sales of RetevisRT73 mini mobile radio, it has becomes a very popular mobile radio. Here are some good things you need to know about RT73. 

1. Dual Mode---Digital/Analog Mode. Dual Band---UHF 400-480Mhz, VHF 136-174Mhz. Dual Standby. It is very easy to switch digital and analog on the mobiel radio. 

2. It support Mixed receive between digital and analog. This can be set in the software, also can choose receive A&D, Transmit-Aanalog or digital.  

3. It has a very mini size, and no pressure in hand. and it is very suitable to install in the car. Got a feedback from our customer, said his wife really likes the RetevisRT73 mobile radio and wants one for her car. 

4. It supports to import 200,000 DMR contacts. and it will display the contacts full information in the receiving screen.  You can download the DMR contacts from below link: https://www.ailunce.com/ResourceCenter/ 

5. The audio is not only from the built-in speaker, but also can from the handheld speaker. you can also set audio comes from both built-in speaker and handheld mic together. 

6. Built-in FM Radio. It is a nice feature you can turn on the FM Boardcast Radio. you can bet to the above FM screen from the menu and selecting Appendix the FM menu is one of the sub-menus available.

7.Bulit-in GPS Function.  It is a very good feature to have GPS feature in a mobile radio. and also in the March firmware, we have added analog APRS feature in the software. The short GPS antenna comes with the radio box. 

8.Record. On RT73 mobile radio, you can record totally 200hours. You can choose record the receive or transmit on the radio.

9. It works well with a DMR hotspot. through a DMR Hotspot, we can also check a city weather report.

Brandmeister SMS Text Service on Retevis RT73

How to connect Retevis RT73 to a DMR hotspot simplex.

10. 7 customized side-keys to realize shortcut operation. 

11. Quickly set up a temporary call. When you in the contacts menu, if you stay at any talkgroup contact, or a private contact. if you directly press the PTT, it will transmit to that person for temproary. 

12. Roaming Feature.  You can set a roaming list in the software, to add some repeaters which you want to listen to. For example when you drive from the south to the north, there have 5 repeaters. If turn on the roaming, it will automatically change channel to that repeater which is the strongest signals and closest to you. 

13. RT73 comes with Temperature control fan. Turn on the fan according to the heat generated by the CPU, it also can reduce noise and save electricity. 

14. Great aftersale customer service.  After get any reports from customer, we will first reproduce the problem, here normally need customer to provide pictures, codeplug, or videos to explain their problem firstly. and then we will feedback the problem to our engineer to fix it soon. Then there have a continuous firmware upgrades.  If you need any Technical support. please email to info@ailunce.com. or find me on Facebook


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Luiz Garcia

don't working in UHF, only VHFmy RT73.

Comment author

Yolanda Author

hello, please show us more details about your question. email info@ailunce.com

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Скажите что надо включить чтобы плавно можно было перестраивать частоту в режиме FM ? (в частотном режиме).

Comment author

Yolanda Author

You can adjust the frequency steps. / Вы можете настроить шаги частоты.

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