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Stories about Amateur Radios and Emergency Rescue

Stories about Amateur Radios and Emergency Rescue

As we all known that the amateur radio not only as a hobby attract many hams, but also it is a tool for emergency rescue when there is no phone signals. In the United States, The Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES) consists of licensed amateurs who have voluntarily registered their qualifications and equipment, with their local ARES leadership, for communications duty in the public service when disaster strikes. 

Ailunce HD1 as a very popular amateur radio,many hams use HD1 as their primary communication tool. Let us listen to their stories. 

Story 1:

Derek Meche is a technician, and he said when Hurricane ‘Maria’ threatened Puerto Rico, cell phone service was out, and ham radios were still working and being used for emergency crews.

Story 2:

James Bell is not only an engineer but also a ham. After a ham conference, he encountered car accidents and traffic jams on the highway, so he solved the congestion problem faster by connecting Repeaters to help helpless drivers connect with repair companies, and call for 2 truck resue. And it happened in 1990.

Story 3:

This story comes from Darryl, he said ham radio users every month and year in different disasters, like Boston Marathon, Joplin MO tornado,  hurricane Katrina, etc.

Story 4:

Tamara is a ham radio operator and a broadcast engineer. He said during 9/11 when the Pentagon exploded and the relay on the roof was disabled, Hams built an emergency communication channel by installing additional Repeaters and equipment. In Wisconsin, thunderstorms brought up to five hours of rain and high winds, leaving many areas needing rescue. Tamara acts as a member of the emergency support team, providing essential communications to aid workers with food supplies, medical assistance, and other supplies. At the same time, in search and rescue efforts, radio can provide accurate and detailed locations. Ham radio can also be the first to receive rescue information and contact rescue teams.

Story 5:

Richard is an Architect. On the way home, he saw a car rolling on the side of the road. The driver and passenger were seriously injured. Fortunately, Richard was able to use his VHF radio and connect to a repeater for emergency services.

These stories illustrate the vital role ham radio plays in emergency rescues. Now, with more and more amateur radio operators, radio technology is getting better and better, bringing more convenience to more people.

Ailunce HD1 is a IP67 waterproof and dust-proof ham radio to adapt to a variety of scenarios, full range transceiver can talk to a variety of devices, lone worker function is suitable for patrol and searches and rescue, GPS provides accurate location, also can send automatically. Enhanced and independent digital encryption function maximizes call security. It’s heavy but reliable, and it’s been praised by firefighters, techs, Hams, and rescue teams.

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