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Why the parrot test has no response

Why the parrot test has no response

When we want to test our radio and can't find someone to help us, we can set the parrot channel to do the Echo test. but sometimes the parrot test has no response, why? there are three points you can check.

1. Contacts setting

When we set the parrot channel, we need to set the right contact, and different countries need to set the different contact. such as China is 9990, and so on. if you want to know yours, please check on the brandMeister web.

2. Set right DMR information in pistar.

Please set the right DMR ID, callsign at first, and confirm the frequency, color code, and time slot are the same as the hotspot that you will use.

3. Set the right information on your Ailunce HD1.

When we set the parrot channel of our Ailunce HD1, please set the right information. such as the RX frequency is as same as the TX frequency of the hotspot, and the color code, time slot need to be set the same.

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