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Just need a Inverter

Just need a Inverter

When there is only mains AC power, we can use a DC regulated power supply or an adapter to convert the AC power into DC power, do you know what should we do when we only have DC power such as batteries when we go out, but we need AC power? At this time, we need a device that converts DC into AC, which is an inverter.

The function of the inverter is simply to convert the DC direct current into the same AC alternating current as the mains, usually composed of an inverter bridge, a control logic and a filter circuit. The conversion efficiency of the inverter is relatively high, the startup speed is fast, and it has the functions of short-circuit and over-temperature protection. The exterior of the inverter is made of all-aluminum, which has good heat dissipation performance, high wear resistance and can withstand a certain pressure of extrusion.

With the development of society and the popularity of automobiles, people are in a state of moving or to be moved at any time, such as going out to work or travel, not only need low-voltage direct current supplied by batteries or batteries, but also require us to be inoperable in the daily environment. Lack of alternating current. At this time, the inverter can be used to connect the battery to drive the electrical appliances and various tools to work. Therefore, inverters are also becoming more and more popular.

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