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How to Manual Key Up a Talkgroup on Retevis RT73

How to Manual Key Up a Talkgroup on Retevis RT73

If you install RT73 DMR mobile radio on your car, sometime you may want to key up a new talkgroup manually.

When will you want to do this?

1. For example, if you connect to a hotspot. You have some talkgroups saved on the contact list, but this new contact is not in your current channel.

2. You want to key up one talkgroup which you never save in your contact list.  

How to do this? 

The talkgrouop is in your contact list but  not select in the channel. 

1.Enter the Contacts from the radio menu.>>>>Select "Contact List">>>>>Rotary the rotary knob to find the contact you want, directly press the PTT on the mic instead of select it.   It will transmit to this talkgroup. 

2. Manual Dial to key up a talkgroup. Go to the contacts menu, rotary the knob to "Manual Dial", enter the talkgroup number on the speaker mic. then directly press PTT transmit to this talkgroup. 

3. Preset custom key as below picture. If from the speaker mic, you can use the above two cases to transmit a talk groups.

4. If you want to receive this temporary talkgroup, you can preset a custom key to turn on the "Mandatory Monitor" means "Promiscuous Mode". The explanation will be revised in future software. 

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Winston Lawrence

Nice article :-) I had JUST posted a similar one on my website - although yours has nicer pictures. My posted article has some differences to yours though you have CONTACTS saved in the contacts list NOT talkgroups as stated above the reason why you receive the contact that you PTT is BECAUSE you put the radio into promiscuous mode otherwise you would not hear anything. Anyway - my article is posted at kd2wll.winstonlawrence.us/rt73-howto-dynamic-or-manual-talkgroup-entry/index.html and I have a companion article on why you may want to do this in order to create a minimalist codeplug design where a given zone ONLY needs a handful of talkgroups defined instead of constantly duplicating them across zones. The minimalist codeplug design would benefit GREATLY if you could say cut the number of contacts in a channel by half and at least DOUBLE the number of zones that could be defined though :-) Thanks and '73

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Just watch your articles. Great, very thanks for the them. 73.

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