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What to Look For When Buying a Walkie Talkie

What to Look For When Buying a Walkie Talkie

When buying a walkie talkie, you might be surprised by just how many different features, frequencies, ranges, and brands there are to choose from. It might seem tricky finding your perfect radio amongst the hundreds of different options.

We have compiled the most important things you should pay attention to.

Radio type

There are many radio types in the market, business radio, license-free radio, toys radio, amateur radio, marine radio, etc. Before we buy, we need to know what circumstance we want to use them. Then go to select the radio type. Such as, if we only use them when go hiking, we only need to buy a license-free radio with some outdoor features, like waterproof, torch. If we are hams, we can buy amateur radios.

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The achievable range depends on the environment. With a license-free radio, in the city, with high buildings, ranges of no more than 1-2km are often expected, and in rural environments up to 3-4km, with acceptable voice quality. For other business and hams radio, the communication distance is longer than license-free radio.

In addition to the environment, the radio power,antenna, and other parameters are also affect the communication distance. We need pay attention when buying a walkie talkie.

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We might be surprised by just how many different features when selecting a walkie talkie. Is the more features of the walkie talkie the better? The answer is no.

The walkie talkie is no like cellphone. The walkie talkie is essentially a kind of communication tool. If you don’t make it as a hobby, on the basis of satisfying the use needs, the simpler the better.

If you are not sure, you can ask the seller to introduce you the functions’ meaning to decide if it is useful you.

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Don't always look for the cheapest. We need to look cost-effective walkie talkie. “Only Cheap" walkie talkies, despite their partly robust and high-quality appearance, usually have a lower range and voice quality.

In addition, I would like to emphasize that after-sale technical support is very important, especially for beginners. For most of beginners, we don’t know the walkie talkie knowledge, even don’t know how to use. A good after-sale technical support can help you use your walkie talkie correctly and legally.

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I Hope you can buy a walkie talkie to your satisfaction. The right is the best.

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