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How to program Retevis RT72 without PC

How to program Retevis RT72 without PC

If you're outdoor, with no PC and programming cable to use, you can program your Retevis RT72 via the front panel. We'll show the key settings of programming Retevis RT72 without PC in the blog.

Analog channel programming

Channel Info: 

Tx=Rx=435.750 MHZ


Rx CTCSS/DCS= 118.8

1. Turn on your radio, and long-press the Back key to switch to VFO&analog mode, or select an analog channel to edit;

2.If the radio is in VFO mode, we can set the working frequency 435.750MHZ via the front number key directly as below; 

but if you select an analog channel to edit, please edit it as below steps.

MENU=>Settings=>Program Radio=>Set Rx Frequency=435.750 MHZ, Tx Frequency=435.750 MHZ.

3. MENU=>Settings=>Program Radio=>CTS/DCS=>Setting Tx CTS/DCS=67.0, Rx CTS/DCS=118.8. Now the analog channel can work normally. Of course, you can set other items to let your radio better according to your needs.

DMR channel programming

1. Turn on your radio, and standby in a DMR channel that you want to edit;

Tx=432.400 MHZ, Rx=439.400 MHZ

Color Code=1 Slot=1

DMR ID=1 Contact=HD=2

2. Menu=>Contacts=>New Contact, then enter the ID:2, and press # key to switch to ABC input type to enter the name to be HD;

3. Menu=>Settings=>Program Radio=>Set Rx Frequency=439.400 MHZ, Tx Frequency=432.400 MHZ>select TX Contact: HD=>set Color Code=1=>Set Time Slot=1

4. Menu=>Settings=>Program Radio=>Edit your DMR ID=1. Those are all items that the DMR channel needs to program. It's an available DMR channel now.


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Ed Beer

Long press of back key does nothing on my rt72

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Yolanda Author

What's your radio firmware version? Please send me a short video to

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