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How to know if you two radios can work together?

How to know if you two radios can work together?

Recently many hams send emails to us to ask if Ailunce HD1 can work with RT3S, or RT29 together. Then how do know the radios that can work together?

1. Support the same channel type: Analog/DMR/C4FM

We must set the channel type before all other settings, so your two radios must support one same channel type. such as DMR radios only can work with other radios support to DMR channel type radios. For example, Ailunce HD1 can work with Retevis RT3S, but can't work with Yaesu FT3.

2. Support same frequency range

For hams, we not only have the UHF/VHF radio but also have the HF radios. but if we want the two radios to work together, they need to work in the same tx and rx frequency. For example, we know Retevis RT29 has both the UHF and VHF versions, and RT98 is the UHF radio. so we can't say RT29 can work with RT98, only can say that the UHF RT29 can work with RT98.

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