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Why and where do we need the antennas combiner

Why and where do we need the antennas combiner
Combiner is a words often mentioned by hams who uses multi-band radios, so what is a combiner? Why do we need to use a combiner? Let’s learn more about the combiner today.
The function of the combiner is to combine the input signals of multiple frequency bands and output them to the a integrated system. In terms of its function, the combiner can realize the joint function of several filters, that is to integrate filters with different center frequencies and different bandwidths into a whole to meet functional requirements.
In the system of antenna for radios , every frequency band uses a corresponding antenna. However, many dual-band or multi-band tranceiver need a combiner at the transmitting side to avoid intermodulation interference caused by RF coupling between channels. If the distance between the radio and the antenna is very long, and there is only one output terminal after the circuit is combined, only one feeder is needed, and there is no need to change the antenna back and forth when we add a combiner. Therefore, for a multi-band radio system, the use of a combiner can not only achieve functional diversity, but also save costs and adapt to more engineering needs.

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