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Why need foot switch PTT?

Why need foot switch PTT?

PTT is the transmission button of the radio. Almost all radios have PTT themselves. However, when surveying desktop microphones recently, many customers still put forward the need for foot switch PTT. Why do we need to foot switch PTT?

Judging from the characteristics of the foot switch PTT, its structure is relatively simple, consisting of only a pedal and cable, and not large in size. It can be installed in any comfortable place to achieve the purpose of liberating hands.

It is very inconvenient to operate the steering wheel with one hand when driving out to communicate. At this time, if we install a foot switch PTT, we don’t need to remove our hands to launch.

With the popularity of amateur radio, there are more and more communication activities and competitions. When we communicate frequently, our hands will inevitably produce a sense of fatigue, resulting in a decrease in the quality of the communication. Especially when participating in SSTV, ATV, SSB, EME, FM competitions, it is a great advantage to switch between receiving and transmitting in time to use foot switch PTT. Sometimes the free hand can also adjust the antenna or Doppler parameters.

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