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What‘s the common connector of the desktop microphone

What‘s the common connector of the desktop microphone

When we are doing research on desktop microphones recently, customers have repeatedly suggested adapting to multiple models. But different radio stations have different microphone interfaces. Therefore, based on customer feedback, we have compiled the common interface types that may be used for desktop microphones.

RJ45 (or 8P8C) connector

This connector is commonly used in common cars or base radios. It is characterized by the functions of preventing loosening, plugging and unplugging, and self-locking. This is the microphone interface of the Retevis RT73.

HM 36 connector

This connector is a standard mobile microphone one, and many models such as ICOM use this type connector. The Retevis MI001 microphone is this kind of interface, which can be adapted to many models.

Kenwood 2 PIN connector

Most Retevis radios use this kind of connector. The microphone of the Retevis RT3S that the customer mentioned wants to use the desktop microphone is this kind of conector.

Motorcycle GP328 PLUS connector

Ailunce HD1 uses this kind of connector, which has a better waterproof effect than ordinary connectors.

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