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What's amateur radio scanner?

What's amateur radio scanner?

What's the scanner, and why do we need to use the scanner?

Receive the latest emergency news

Due to low network coverage, so if you go to many places, you can't receive the news on a fixed channel for different places in time. The amateur frequency scanner can automatically scan any nearby or “close” transmissions and once they occur the scanner immediately tunes in to this frequency, such as local police, fire, and other public radio channels to learn about any natural or thought emergency situations and potential disasters. Even during the journey, warning of a major fire or accident can save time and trouble.

Weather Monitor

Weather monitor is another main reason why people still use scanners. We know that the United States not only experienced the new crown epidemic in 2020, but natural disasters such as wildfires and hurricanes also caused heavy losses to the United States. If there are severe storms or hurricanes in your area, the scanner can be of great help for you. If you have listened to the weather channel, you will find that its update speed is faster than that of the weather channel, so that it can be one step ahead of the storm.

Road condition monitor

The local police channel will provide real-time updates of frequently active areas. Therefore, drivers, especially professional drivers, are generally equipped with digital scanners to come to understand which areas are traffic bottlenecks, and to learn about temporarily closed roads in advance to avoid them or find alternative routes.

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