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How does Promiscuous Mode Operate on Retevis RT73

How does Promiscuous Mode Operate on Retevis RT73

Promiscuous mode is a feature of DMR radios, but not all DMR radios have this mode. The radio is designed for the commercial market doesn't have promiscuous mode.  But many of our Retevis DMR radio have this feature, for example, Retevis RT3S, RT82,RT84, RT90,Ailunce HD1, and the new hot selling Mobile Radio RetevisRT73.

What does promiscuous mode actually do?
Promiscuous mode allows you to listen in to any talk groups on the channel you are using, it doesn’t let you hear any color code, you still have to have the correct DMR  color code. But it does allow you to listen to any talk groups, let me give you a demonstration of this on Retevis RT73 now. 

It is a little difference with other DMR radios, you do not need to turn on the promiscuous mode on destination channel. On Retevis RT73, you only need to set a customizd button. 

Download the latest software from below link:

Create the DMR channels you want to use. and then go to the preset buttons.  Choose "Promiscuous" to any customised button you want to use.  It is very inconvenient to turn on Promiscuous mode for any channels. 

You can see clearly on the display " Promiscuous on or off". Turn on Promiscuous mode, you cant only receive any talkgroups not only from the Rx GroupList. 


Comment user

Rick K3TOW

If radio is in promiscuous mode, will pushing the PTT change the transmit talkgroup to the talkgroup the radio is receiving? If the answer is no, can this feature be added to a future firmware update? Thanks!

Comment author

Yolanda Author

Yes, the RT73 has a group call hang-up, within the hang-up time, when you press the PTT, it will transmit as the received information.

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