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What's LORA?

What's LORA?

Lora is short for Long Range. It is a low-power LAN wireless standard created by Semtech company. Its biggest feature is that it can travel farther than other wireless methods under the same power consumption condition, achieving low power consumption and Long-distance unity, it is 3-5 times longer than the traditional radio frequency communication distance under the same power consumption.

Work Principle

Lora is a spread spectrum modulation technology derived from chirp spread spectrum (CSS) technology. The LoRa modem uses patented spread spectrum modulation and forward error correction technology. Compared with the traditional FSK and OOK modulation technology, LoRa expands the coverage of the wireless communication link (realizes long-distance wireless transmission) and improves the robustness of the link. Awesome. Lora works in the unlicensed ISM frequency bands, including 433, 868, 915 MHZ, etc., so the network can be constructed without application, the network architecture is simple, and the operating cost is low. Ailunce HS2's Lora module currently supports 433MHZ.


1. Long-distance communication. Lora can achieve long-distance coverage of 2-5Km in towns and 15Km in suburbs;
2. High sensitivity and strong anti-interference. It has the ability to suppress co-channel GMSK interference signals up to 20dB, and the receiving sensitivity is as high as -139dBm. Compared with traditional GFSK and FSK modules, it has better penetrating power and can greatly reduce the number of gateways and construction costs;
3. Low power consumption. LORA low power consumption module can extend the service life of the product up to 10 years;
4. High network capacity. A LoRa gateway can connect to thousands of LoRa nodes;
5. Support digital encryption. LoRa technology supports data encryption to ensure channel security through an AES-128 encryption key pair.

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