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Do you know about GMRS Radio?

The General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) is a licensed radio service that uses channels around 462 MHz and 467 MHz.  ...

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The Update of Retevis RA85 GMRS Radio

Cancel all the Retevis RA85 GMRS preset CTCSS/DCS tone.  ...

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The CTCSS/DCS setting on Retevis RA86 GMRS Mobile Radio

The Retevis AR86 has 260 Privcacy Codes (50 CTCSS, 105 DSC-N, 105 DCS-I) which can be applied to any channels.  ...


Something you need to know about GMRS

General-mobile-radio-service (GMRS) What is it? and what is it good for? Today, let us talk about something you need to know about GMRS.  ...

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FAQ about GMRS Two Way Radios

FAQ-about-GMRS-Two-Way-Radios  ...

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What is the Difference Between Narrowband and Wideband on GMRS Radios?

Today, let us talk about the the difference between GMRS wide band and narrow band.  ...

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Wanna to know What he Think about Retevis GMRS Radios?

I would recommend we discontinue using the Midland GXT1000s handhelds for Block Captains in favor of the Retevis RT76 radios.   ...

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How to Upgrade Retevis RT76P Firmware

RT76P firmware Cancel Preset CTCSS/DCS: Press the "PTT+9" together, then turn on the radio, when hearing " off", the preset CTCSS tones are canceled.   ...

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