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How to Upgrade Retevis RT76P Firmware

How to Upgrade Retevis RT76P Firmware

Today, we are going to learn how to upgrade Retevis RT76P firmware.

Firstly, let us check the Firmware Changelog: 
1.Cancel Preset CTCSS/DCS: Press the "PTT+9" together, then turn on the radio, when hearing " off", the preset CTCSS tones are canceled. 
2. Bandwidth setting: Interstitial channels in the 467 MHz band will fixed to narrow and low power; other channels default to Wide and Wide/Narrow can be adjustable.
3. Support 31-128 channels write into the radio. 

Next, How to upgrade the RT76P firmware. 

1. Download the firmware and software from this link: https://www.ailunce.com/Assets/file/Retevis-RT76P-Firmware-and-Software.zip

2. Install the RT76P_Bootloader.

3. Upload the firmware file. 

4. Choose the com port. 

5. Click "Update" begin upgrade the firmware. 

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