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The CTCSS/DCS setting on Retevis RA86 GMRS Mobile Radio

The CTCSS/DCS setting on Retevis RA86 GMRS Mobile Radio

The Retevis AR86 has 260 Privcacy Codes (50 CTCSS, 105 DSC-N, 105 DCS-I) which can be applied to any channels. If desired, you can select a different Privacy codes for each channel. The TX and RX CTCSS/DCS are set independently using the TX-CODE and RX-CODE menu. It supports to set different or same TX/RX CTCSS/DCS for each channel. When the radio is standby, it displays the RX CTCSS. When pressing PTT to transmit, it will display the TX CTCSS. 

How to set the CTCSS/DCS on Retevis RA86 GMRS mobile radio?

1. Get a RA86 mobile radio from Retevis official website. 

2. Press [Menu] to find the [TX CODE] and [RX CODE]. It will display CTC group number as below picture. CTC-01 means the first group CTCSS. If TX CODE choose CTC-01 group number, it will display "CTC-01" when transmit. 

3. Short press [SCAN/MON] button, it will switch from CTC group number to CTCSS Tone. If TX CODE choose CTCSS tone 67.0, it will display CTCSS 67 when transmit. 


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James Ritenour

im looking for the ctcss channel for 118.8hz but the booklet that came with my retivis RA86 only has tone channes for 103.3 to 138.5. so im confused

Comment author

Yolanda Author

You can check the CTC-18, it is 118.8. you can download the latest manual from here. file:///C:/Users/GUOBR/Downloads/RA86-ENGLISH-MANUAL-A1.PDF

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