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What’s radio firmware? Should I upgrade the radio firmware?

What’s radio firmware? Should I upgrade the radio firmware?

What's radio firmware?

Firmware is basically a set of instructions needed for certain devices to perform the tasks that they were made for. In simpler words, it is the programming that is responsible to run the machine. Unlike software, the firmware is not created to perform specific functions on the hardware, rather it is used to carry out the core functions of the hardware.

Should I upgrade the radio firmware?

As usual, we recommends that you update the firmware on your radio whenever new firmware becomes available. New firmware often fixes bugs, contains new features. However, the wrong way to upgrade firmware can cause your walkie-talkie to turn into a brick.

I will show you several points you need to know before upgrade.

1.Where can I get the latest firmware?

As usual, we will post the latest firmware on official website, you can download it. In the firmware zip file, in addition to the upgraded firmware, there are also change log. Decide if you need to upgrade by reading the change log.

2. Can I upgrade the latest firmware directly?

Such as, my current firmware version is V1.11, there are many firmware version, V1.12, V1.13,..., the latest firmware version is V1.17. Can I upgrade the firmware from V1.11 to V1.17 directly? Yes.

3. How can I upgrade the latest firmware?

If you decide to upgrade your radio, go to and check if there is a blog shows how to upgrade the radio model you have. Then upgrade your radio firmware step by step. If you can’t find the blog, please contact your seller or us.

4. What should I do if I upgrade wrong?

Please learn how to upgrade the firmware before upgrade your radio. In case you make an upgrade mistake, please contact your seller or us.

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