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10 Common Sense of Maintenance of Walkie-Talkie Battery

10 Common Sense of Maintenance of Walkie-Talkie Battery

If the walkie-talkie battery continues to be overused beyond the cycle life, the internal electrolyte will be over-consumed, which will cause a series of chemical reactions inside the battery cell and continue to produce gas. The increase of gas directly causes the internal pressure of the battery cell to increase, and ultimately makes the battery safe. The performance gradually deteriorates, even burning or bursting. Today, let us talk about 10 common sense of maintenance of walkie-talkie battery.

Original battery life: 
1. The original battery charge/discharge life: generally 300-500 cycles.
2. One charge/discharge time is one cycle, and the number of cycles: different types of batteries are different.
3. The service life should not exceed 3 years.

①Please charge the new battery of the walkie-talkie overnight before using it. This method is called "initialization" to ensure that the battery reaches its maximum capacity.

Battery type First charging time
Nickel Cadmium (Nickel Cadmium) Or Ni-MH battery (Nickel Metal Hydride) 14~16 hours
Lithium ion battery and lithium polymer battery (Lithium lon/Polymer) After the indicator light turns green, charge for another 1~2 hours

②Save the new battery of the walkie-talkie that has not been initialized. Choose a ventilated and dry place with a cool temperature to avoid the reduction of power storage and recharge times.

Battery type Maximum storage time
Nickel Cadmium battery Up to 24 months
Nickel Metal Hydride battery Up to 18 months
Lithium ion or lithium polymer (Lithium lon/Polymer) battery Up to 18 months

③When storing the used walkie-talkie battery, please discharge it 50% first and store it in a cool, dry place. This reminder applies when you need to stop using the battery for less than 30 days.

④The battery of the walkie-talkie that has been inactive for more than 2 months must be fully discharged and then fully charged.

Battery type Recommended charging time
Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride battery 14~16 hours
Lithium lon/Polymer battery After the indicator light turns green, charge for another 1~2 hours

⑤Every time you use the walkie-talkie quick charger, please charge it for 1-2 hours after the charging indicator turns green.

⑥After each normal charging is completed, please take the walkie-talkie battery out of the charger. Continued overcharging will shorten the battery life. Therefore, please do not use the charger as a base for walkie-talkies.

⑦Do not charge the battery of the walkie-talkie that is not completely discharged. When you plan to use the walkie-talkie for a long time, carry a spare battery. This is the most effective solution for users who need to use walkie-talkies for a long time.

⑧Don't put the fully charged radio battery into the charger "extra supplement", this will seriously damage the battery life.

⑨ Before charging, stabilize the battery of the walkie-talkie at a room temperature of about 22°C. Charging below 4°C or above 40°C will reduce battery life.

⑩When charging a new walkie-talkie battery, you must wait for the measurement process to complete before removing it from the charger. The battery can only be removed when the indicator light turns green completely.

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