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How to upgrade Retevis RT73 firmware

How to upgrade Retevis RT73 firmware

The Retevis RT73 is the latest Dual Band mobile radio to come on the ham radio scene. It can be compatible with DMR Tier II repeater network as well as local FM repeaters. It was specifically designed with the amateur radio operator in mind. Today, let us we together learn how to upgrade RT73 firmware.

What do you need?

1. Get your RT73 from Retevis website.

2. Download RT73 firmware upgrade software from RT73 support page. 

How to do?

1. After unzip the firmware file, you will there have an .exe installation program and firmware upgrade .bin file.

2. Install the IAP(setup) on your computer. 

3. Enter RT73 DFU mode. Press the P1 button, and turn on the radio at the same time.. 

4. Connect the USB cable to your computer, and then open the IAP firmware upgrade software.Choose the correct com port.  Click" Open APP File" to open the .bin file here. and then click IAP, It will begin to upgrade the firmware.  When the process, the LED will flash red and green.   After the firmware update successfully, the radio will turn off automatically itself. You need to power it on again. 


5. Check Version.

Press the 360° rotary knob enter the menu, switch the rotary knob to find "Device Info". Then switch to "Version", and then check it. 

Please email to if you have any questions during you operate your RT73. 


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Francisco Jardim

While you don't have APRS, how do you find the position transmitted by the RT73's GPS?

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Yolanda Author

It will transmit via message. another radio will receive the location information in the message.

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buona sera , il software v2.1.13 del retevis rt73 ha un B U G che scompiglia tutte le frequenze ,da correggere . Grazie . De IK3DJB

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Can you show me more information?

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