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2021.5.5 China Amateur Radio Festival

2021.5.5 China Amateur Radio Festival

Activity time

This event starts at 07:00 on May 4th, 2021, Beijing time (BJT), and ends at 19:00 on May 5th.

Awards and rules

Gold, silver, and bronze award certificates were set for this event. The award level is set according to the number of QSO combinations that a single station connects to BnCRA. Combination refers to the effective QSO composed of call sign, band, and communication mode (for example, a QSO reached with B1CRA in the 20-meter band in SSB mode is a combination, and a QSO achieved with B7CRA in the 40-meter band in FT8 mode is also a combination. ). It should be noted that all QSOs reached with the same radio station in the same communication mode on different frequencies in the same band are only counted as a combination. For example, the communication with B1CRA in SSB mode at 14.180MHz and 14.270MHz is only calculated as a combination.

Criteria for certificate application:

1. Asia

Bronze Award: 5 or more combinations and Tonglian contains at least three BnCRA;
Silver Award: 10 or more combinations and Tonglian contains at least six BnCRA;
Gold Award: More than 20 (inclusive) combinations and Tonglian includes all ten BnCRA radio stations.

2. Outside Asia

Bronze Award: 3 (inclusive) combinations or more, 5 (excluding) combinations or less;
Silver Award: more than 5 (inclusive) combinations and less than 10 (excluding) combinations;
Gold Award: 10 or more combinations.
Combination number confirmation and query URL: http://www.crac.org.cn/55

How to apply for a certificate:

Amateur radio stations that meet the award criteria and intend to apply for the award, please visit http://awards.crac.org.cn to obtain the electronic award from June 1, 2021.



(1) Pass LoTW;
(2) Return the card after receiving the SASE or return the card via BURO after receiving the incoming card;
(3) The mailing address of the card office: Beijing 100029-73 mailbox.

2. This award application only involves effective communication in the short-wave amateur service frequency band, but the CRAC proposes that amateur radio enthusiasts carry out more activities on all amateur service frequencies including the ultra-short wave frequency band, especially the VHF and UHF frequency bands during the event. A variety of communication activities, greeting each other, promoting amateur business, and celebrating our own festivals.

3. The Amateur Radio Branch of China Radio Association (CRAC) has the final right to interpret this activity.

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