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What's the SHTF radio?

What's the SHTF radio?

People often think the SHTF is short for shit Hitting The Fan and means unexpected consequences of something turning out not so good. so the SHTF radio is that you want to be prepared for any disaster. Then which model of the radio do we select to be the SHTF radio? 

1. FRS, GMRS and CB radios

Some people ask if the FRS, CB, and GMRS radios can be SHTF radio. we know FRS, CB, and GMRS radios fit best for a restricted number of people like your family or your survival coalitions, so they are not a real crutch if we mean long-distance communication or connecting a multitude of humans. Of course, the communication distance also depends on the manufacturing company, the model, and the price rate of your walkie-talkie. so we suppose you should do some field testing of their power and range restrictions before adding them to your shopping cart.

2. Ham radio

Ham radio has taken its honorable place among the most popular large-distance communication tools in the middle of the 20th century, but please consider the necessary instructions and regulations before becoming an SHTF radio amateur. then you can be to acquire, use, and listen to amateur radio, which allows you to place it among the advantageous emergency communication methods suitable for most emergency situations. It is also worth investing in upgrading your ham radio's antenna so that you can send and get messages over much longer distances.

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