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How to reset the radio to factory with codeplug

How to reset the radio to factory with codeplug

There are some radios don't support to reset via the short key, we can reset them with the factory default codeplug. How to do that?

First, which model need to reset with codeplug?

Until now twenty models reset to the default factory setting with codeplug that we know. They are Retevis H777, RT1, RT3, RT3S, RT5, RT5R, RT8, RT24, RT25, RT26, RT27, RT29, RT40, RT52, RT80, RT81, RT82, RT83, RT84, RT87.

Second, where to get the factory default codeplug?

Ailunce has collected the codeplugs of them in below blog, you can click the photo to download.

default factory codeplug.jpg

Third, how to reset it step by step?

I'll show the whole steps of RT3S resetting as an example.

Ready work: an RT3S(GPS) radio, the programming cable of RT3S, a computer with RT3S(GPS) software;

Step 1: Download the codeplug from the above blog, and unzip to a document. There are two .rdt files of RT3S(GPS) and RT3S(no GPS) in the document;

step 2: Connect RT3S&computer with the programming cable, and turn on the radio;

step 3: Open the RT3S(GPS) software and the .rdt files of RT3S(GPS) as below;

factory codeplug-RT3S.jpg

step 4: write the codeplug into the radio as below. After writing OK, restart the radio. The radio resetting is finished.

write factory default codeplug-RT3S.jpg

Finally, What are the precautions when resetting to the default factory setting?

  1. The radio can program with the computer;

  2. The radio is in the programming mode instead of DFU mode when resetting to the default factory setting;

  3. Please select the right software and right .rdt file;

  4. Please keep the radio power on when resetting;

Hope this blog is useful for you. Any questions feel free to leave messages to us.


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Dear Ailunce, Retevis I have an issue with my RT3S, after a firmware update it got locked requiring a password. Nothing can be done without the password. Could you please suggest solution how to fix it. Thanks in advance, Peter Szabo (

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