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Have Fun with Ailunce HD1 in the Snow

Have Fun with Ailunce HD1 in the Snow

It hasn't snowed for a long time this winter. There is heavy snow in our city these two days. I feel so excited. 

Play the radio in the snow.

Today I take my HD1 out. it is a white world. I communicate with my friends with HD1 and really enjoyed it. Maybe the snow gives me another happy mood. I especially like taking the HD1 when I am outside. Because HD1 allows me to do anything without the computer. I think you may have the same feeling about it. 

I have taken some pictures and can't wait to share them with you.









If you have any beautiful photos, welcome to share with us.

Hope all of you have a good day.

If you need any further assistance about the radios, please do not hesitate to leave messages to us.

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