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Small Settings that you may not know about AILUNCE HD1

Small Settings that you may not know about AILUNCE HD1

We know AILUNCE HD1 is an FPP ham radio. It allows you to program the radio without a computer. Expect this, there are lots of little details that make you feel different from other radios.

1. FM Broadcast and DW

Many Walkie talkies have FM radio function, which is good for rest and entertainment. When you are free time, you can listen to FM to relax. But you also worried when listening to FM, how to do it if missing an important communication? HD1 solved it.

You can turn on the DW

2. Caller display

We want to know who is calling. HD1 support to import 200,000 contacts. When there is a call, you can know who is calling. Your LCD will show the caller information you have saved, such as name, callsign, city, country, etc. But, how long the caller information display will last after the signal is ended? Too long or too short, both not ok. HD1 solved it.

You can set the receive information display time on the software by yourself. And if you are in the menu, you also can set if the caller information displays or not.

3. Digital Hang-Up

As a ham, we want to hear more voices from the world. One method is to put all the TG groups in the receive group lists. It is a little complicated, there are many radios that have promiscuous functions in the market. HD1 also supports it, when checking the promiscuous, your radio can ignore the contact limit. But can we call back when there is a call are not the contact we set in the channel? HD1 solved it.

We can set the hang-up time, when we in the hang-up time, we can call back as the receiving information. Out of time, it will be back to the default setting information.

4. Mic Gain

  • Different environments require different microphone sensitivity, Sometimes we need to increase the mic gain, sometimes we need to decrease the mic gain. No matter how HD1 solved it.

You not only can set it on the software but also can set it on the radio keypad. Anytime, anywhere, very convenient.

5. All Channels

Most DMR radios have a zone setting. After we set the channel, we need to put it in a zone. otherwise, it won't show on the radio and always show unprogramming. HD1 solved it.

HD1 supports all channels. We can set zones and put the channels in one zone. If we forgot or we don't need to put them in any zones. it will default to all channels. Turn on the radio, all channels can show on the radio. You can select one zone or All channels. All channel includes all channels we have set.

6. Switch zone

Many radios only support switch the zone on the radio menu list. How to switch zone quickly? HD1 solved it.

You can define the side key as zone+ or zone-, through pressing the side key, you can switch zone quickly.

7. Switch Time slot

Many radios only support switch time slot on the radio menu list. How to switch time slot quickly? HD1 solved it.

You can define the side key as DMR slot, through pressing the side key, you can switch zone quickly.

8. Work Mode

Most radios, when you set different transmit and receive frequencies, default repeater mode. HD1 is different.

HD1 has three work modes, repeater, simplex, double slot. It supports cross-band transmit and receive in simplex mode.

9. 16 key DTMF

HD1 supports 16 key DTMF, you can transmit the DTMF via radio keypad directly.

10. One key to the home page

When we are in the menu list, we can back to the home page step by step through press the EXIT key. Except for this, we also can press PTT, one key back to the home page.

11. ......

There are more little settings waiting for your find. Welcome to leave messages here.

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