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Why my walkie talkie shows Unprogrammed?

Why my walkie talkie shows Unprogrammed?

Retevis RT3, RT8, RT82, RT3S, and RT90 are a  series of DMR walkie-talkies. But we may meet the same question after we programed the walkie-talkie and then turn on the radio, radio shows Unprogrammed like below picture. Why?

RT3S Unprogrammed

That's because after we edit the channel, we didn't add the channel into one zone.

We know that as the DMR walkie-talkies, there are lots of channels, for example, RT3S, it supports to save 3000 channel. We can divide these channels into different zones. In the radio, we need to select the zone first, then it will show the channels in the selected zone. that's why when you don't add the channel in one zone, your radio will show Unprogrammed.

RT3S UnprogrammedFor example, we have edit 10 channels on the RT3S software. and add zone 1. We set channel 1 to channel 8 into channel number A of Zone 1, and we don't add any radio on channel number B. 

Turn on the radio, we can find, in zone 1, when we switch the channels on Band A, there are only 8 channels. and when we switch to Band B, it will show Unprogrammed, because there is no one channel in Band B.

When your walkie-talkie show Unprogrammed, the only thing you need to do is adding the channels into the zone.

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