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Why can't I reach the repeater? Local DMR Repeater

Why can't I reach the repeater? Local DMR Repeater

Last article we talk about how to access the local analog repeater. In this article let’s talk about “why can’t I reach the local DMR repeater?”.

For DMR repeater, we need to pay attention to frequency, offset, time slot, color code, contact. Some other radios may have to pay attention to work mode, like HD1. today, we will take HD1 as an example.

For example, we know the local DMR repeater information is bellow:

Uplink: 433.8500MHz

Downlink: 439.8500MHz




The local repeater transmits frequency is radio receive frequency 439.8500. The frequency on the HD1 display is radiofrequency.


After you set the offset and offset direction, your radio will automatically shift your frequency when you transmit. So, you need to set the write offset and offset direction. Here we should set “-”, “6.000”

The offset is radio transmit frequency minus receive frequency.

Time slot

The radio time slot is the same as the repeater. Here we set “1”.

Color code

The color code is the same as the repeater. Here we set “8”.

Work mode

These are three work modes, here we need to select “repeater”.

What is HD1 work mode mean?

Contacts & Radio ID

as usual, we can set any contact group call, and set our DMR ID. But if the repeater owner sets some limits, you need to confirm with the owner. Such as, some repeater only work when you set all call contact.

If all the settings are right, your radio still can’t repeater the repeater. Maybe your radio is out of the repeater cover range. You can try to change a high-gain antenna or you can use a mobile antenna. Search the antenna on the AILUNCE website.

You also can check if you have set the high power, the power level also can affect the radio communication distance.

Why can't I reach the repeater?Local Analog Repeater

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