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Ailunce HM1 Mobile Radio is in designing


Hello all Ailunce friends,

Ailunce Dual Band DMR Mobile Radio HM1.

Ailunce is designing the dual-band DMR mobile radio HM1. H means Hams, M means Mobile, 1 means Generation. HM1 is Hams Mobile Radio Generation. We want to design one Mobile Radio with all the hams.

Do you want to Join us? Tell us your suggestions or ideas on Ailunce HM1. Let's design a real Amateur Mobile Radio!

All the suggestions and ideas, we will take them seriously.

The HM1 will compatible with HD1. We won't stop the HD1 updating either.

You can leave messages here, Facebook, Twitter, or email hams@ailunce.com, we will consider them when we design the appearance and functions.

PS: If you need any help about the radios, no matter about Retevis, Ailunce, or other brands, feel free to contact us. If we know, we would be glad to assist you.

Best Regard, 73s


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In case of GPS version, calculate the distance between you and your opponent when you receive the other GPS and display it on the LCD.

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