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Recommend AilunceHD1 to your Ham Friends

Recommend AilunceHD1 to your Ham Friends

In our Facebook group, we often see some ham friends ask like this "I am trying to choose my next DMR radio, which one will you recommend ?  Yes, many hams will recommend AilunceHD1.  Let's see why they recommend HD1. 

  • Hands-on experience - I got an HD1 quite early on. It has worked and served well. No hardware issues and does what is required. Reading reviews it is noted there is an increase in faulty units. It is an OK radio and will do its job for the price.

I still vote for the HD-1 unequivocally. It is IP67 rated, Every review mentions that it is SOLID ib the hand (Think built like a Motorola) I have read a review where it was accidentally dropped some 10 or 20 feet to concrete and survived. I do NOT believe the 878 has any other reviews like that. Also, I personally have had very positive after-sale support from Ailunce that anyone cannot match. 

I have owned an HD1 for a couple of years now and haven’t had one issue with it at all. Great radio. Very sturdy also. Dropped mine a couple of times with no damage whatsoever. Great audio. I love mine.

The HD1 is the only DMR radio I've owned and I love it. Using the hand mic, I received unsolicited great audio reports with one being from a local digital guru. He commented that it was the best audio he ever heard on DMR.

 I have an HD1, it is an exceptional radio. Great build quality, great sound quality(both transmit and receive), easy to program from the front of the radio as well as through a computer.  this is a GREAT radio.

I have 2 hd1's and don't have issues with either one. My hd1s are my goto radio's especially outdoors in rainy weather. 

I for one am Very Very Pleased with my HD1.I have owned it for about 2 years and if I need another DMR HT I will buy another HD1.

I have an HD1 and have beaten the piss out of it on the trails and off reading. Has worked great, and has saved my tail in the backwoods a few times. People get petty over radio nuances, don’t let the nonsense sway you. Ailunce makes a solid radio, can verify by experience.

also some hams, they are very enjoy with their Ailunce HD1. 

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