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What kind of earpieces do you want to use with your walkie-talkie?

What kind of earpieces do you want to use with your walkie-talkie?

Earpieces are very important in the daily use of walkie-talkies. They can not only protect the privacy of our QSO, but also make the reception effect better. According to different wearing ways, earpieces can be divided into in-ear, ear-hook earpieces, and headphones.

In-ear earpieces

This kind of earpiece has better sound insulation and can reduce external noise, but it is not suitable for people with ear diseases. Especially,  if it is used by many people, it is easy to cause infections of ear diseases. Some inferior in-ear earpieces can also cause organic damage to the ear. Reference product: Retevis EA110M.

Ear-hook earpieces

This wearing method has a better anti-dropping effect than the in-ear type. and the portable and comfort are also very good. However, because the suspension method cannot be close to the auricle, there will always be a problem of sound leakage, which will reduce the sound quality. Because it is suspended on the auricle, it should not be made very heavy and worn for a long time. It will feel painful to the ears. Reference product: Ailunce G-shape ear hook earpieces.



The headphones are also called the helmet headset. and there are two types of headphones including half helmets and full helmets headsets. Compared with the first two, the headphone is the least damage to the ears. Because this kind of earphone doesn't need to be put into the ear when we wear the headphones, it causes less damage to the ear and eardrum. The sound field of the headset is good, and the wearing comfort is also very good. The biggest disadvantage is that it is inconvenient to carry. Retevis has a variety of headsets. You can refer to Retevis 2 Pin Noise Cancelling Walkie Talkie Single Headset for half helmets and Retevis EHN003 for full helmets.

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