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What functions do you need for your desktop microphone

What functions do you need for your desktop microphone

The desktop microphone is one of the commonly used devices in the Ham Room. However, there are many desktop microphones on the market, with various functions. The following are some features we sorted out.

PTT: The PTT key is one of the basic function keys of desktop microphones. almost every desktop microphone of walkie-talkie has a PTT key. A conspicuous, easy-to-operate PTT key of the desktop microphone can greatly improve communication efficiency.

LOCK: The LOCK key is also one of the basic function keys of the desktop microphone. If you need to share radio knowledge for a long time with others, we only need to press the LOCK key instead of pressing the PTT button all the time to achieve continuous transmission.

Up&Down: Some brand's microphones have up and down keys, which are mainly used to adjust the frequency. Some can also be used to adjust the scanning direction.

Volume: Only some desktop microphones have volume adjustment keys. Due to the different communication conditions, the volume will occasionally be low or high when using the desktop microphone, then the volume can be adjusted in time.

Power Key: Some desktop microphones can work when it's plugged in, but others support battery power supply with a power key.

Foot Switch connector:You can connect the foot switch, which is more convenient to make QSO.

Low-cut or high-emphasis:  Noise filtering for better sound quality

Common connector conversion cable: Generally, one desktop microphone has only one connector, so they can only be used with certain models of walkie-talkies or the same connectors walkie-talkie. Equipped with common connector conversion cables to achieve to adapt to more radios.

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