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How does the TimeSlot Works on RetevisRT73?

How does the TimeSlot Works on RetevisRT73?

Where in the software do I turn this dcdm off if it on there is no RX audio at hotspot ?

We can see that this customer said if he turn on the DCDM, it is no RX audio at hotspot.  Let us analyse this question. 

1. We need to confirm what kind of the hotspot?  Simplex or Duplex?  We all know that there have 3 working modes, simplex mode radio to radio, repeater mode, DCDM mode. Here he said, when turn on the DCDM, it is no RX. I guess he should use a simplex hotspot.  On RetevisRT73, when in simplex mode, no need to select time slot 1 or 2.  In the software, should select ON for time slot. but on the radio, select "Off" means turn off the DCDM. 

2.when connect to a repeater, you only can select timeslot 1 or 2 for that channel. 

3. What does DCDM works on RT73? 

The DMR digital radio standard requires each channel to be split into 2 independent "timeslots". Typically, you can only use 1 of these timeslots unless you have a central timing reference such as a repeater.

So when in working in simplex mode, and select time 1 or 2, if the destination radio does not turn on DCDM, you also no RX audio on RT73. So if use DCDM on digital radio, should make sure the communication radios both have the DCDM function.


When use radio to radio frequency, don't select timeslot.

seletc time slot 1 or 2 when connect to a repeater, this depending on your repeater setting.

If select DCDM, should make sure the communication radio also have DCDM function, they can talk to each other when both select DCDM function. 

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